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MATCHED was among the speculations of Next Movie’s The Next Magical Franchise list. Here is the article and what it has to say about MATCHED.

It was hard enough reaching the end of the “Harry Potter” series in book form. Knowing that the end is nigh for the movies just leaves us feeling a little empty inside.

Well, empty and extremely curious about what big, magical franchise will come out on top in a post-”Potter,” post-”Twilight” world.

As we dry our tears – in some cases, literally – we look into our office crystal ball, consult a few aurors and shuffle our Tarot cards to conjure up seven possible book franchises on the cusp of taking the world by storm.

MATCHED by Ally Condie

The Gist: If “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Giver” had a clever little baby, it would be Condie’s first book in a proposed series of dystopian YA novels. Cassia is a happy, well-adjusted teen living in some undetermined future where mandatory mates are delivered by pictures on digital information cards. It’s only when a glitch flashes the wrong boy’s face that Cassia considers the relative merit of dating options — and therefore questions the whole nature of her world.
Series Status: “Matched,” out Nov. 30, is the first book in a proposed trilogy from Dutton. There’s no news on the release date of the second book.
Movie Status: Disney beat out Paramount in a recent bidding war over the rights to this love triangle of the future.

SOURCE: Next Movie

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