Posted on Feb 22nd, 2012 by audra
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Are you missing the Breathless Reads tour this year? Don’t fear! Ally Condie is hosting a virtual Breathless Reads Tour on her website.

Check out her interviews here:

Marie Lu, author of Legend, takes readers to Pasadena, CA

Beth Revis, author of Across the Universe and the sequel A Million Suns, takes us to Cleveland County, NC

Jessica Spotswood, author of Born Wicked, takes readers to Washington D.C.

One Response to “Virtual Breathless reads tour with Ally Condie”
Mahmoud on 6-7-2012 at 11:13 am

True, true. And yes, there is some fun and well done young adult science foictin/fantasy with good characters, plots, and stories that are on the lighter side. I have been reading through a lot of the latest YA buys at the library and many fall short. Where I am currently, the library focus the majority of it’s science foictin/fantasy on YA books rather than those marketed at the general public, which makes it disappointing when you recommend something more challenging to a teenager who has asked, I want something that makes me think, and the books that come to mind all have to be ordered from another library. So I will keep trying new books and keep track of the better authors to recommend to my young readers.